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Has Your Knee Pain Become Too Much to Bear? Consider Orthotics

Has Your Knee Pain Become Too Much to Bear? Consider Orthotics

Knee pain is one of the most common physical complaints. It can be caused by periods of prolonged stair climbing, walking or even standing. Believe it or not, although these activities can irritate your knees, many of the North York patients who walk through the doors of our clinic experience knee pain that is caused by biomechanical issues in the body. Most often, these biomechanical issues are in the form of poor posture. On a more minor scale, knee pain can also be the result of conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or direct trauma to the knee.

If you are looking for a solution to your knee pain in North York, visit Yonge Street Physiotherapy in North York. We conduct thorough biomechanical assessments that help us quickly and accurately detect the source of your knee condition without the need for x-rays or CT scans that tend to be far more invasive.

How Orthotics Can Help

Custom orthotics are best in cases where aberrant mechanics are present. With the ability to design and build according to the specific needs of the patient, custom orthotics can be used to provide greater stability and support with a rigid form, shock absorption and stability with a semi-rigid form, or cushioning and comfort with a soft form. They can be an arch support, insert or other device that you put directly into your shoes for the correction of biomechanical and alignment issues.

The professionally designed and built North York custom orthotics that we offer are made using the finest materials and are created exclusively for you with the intention of reducing your knee pain and fixing fundamental issues in your body.

Depending on your condition and level of pain, orthotics can help in a number of ways:

  • Reduction of motion so that the wear and tear on your joints is decreased.
  • Reduction of stress on the knee joint through the use of shock absorbing materials.
  • Correction of biomechanical and structural issues that exist in your feet and ankles, to in turn, reduce your knee pain.
  • Change of knee and ankle alignment, which then alters the alignment of your knees. For example, if your feet roll inward when you walk or run (called excessive pronation), this can cause pain in your knees. North York orthotics can prevent this excessive rolling, thereby reducing the pain you feel.
  • Minimization of outward rotation (called excessive supination) to correct the alignment of the foot and ankle, and therefore, the knee.
  • Reduction of inflammation that can occur on the soles of the feet (called plantar fascia). This inflammation often leads to overcompensation as you walk, stand or run which can cause pain in the knee joints. Orthotics can correct this, therefore reducing the knee pain that occurs as a result.

Say Goodbye to Your Knee Pain in North York

Our 3D biomechanical experts are ready to assist you in North York. Come to our clinic for a biomechanical gait analysis and we will provide you with a thorough assessment of your pain, which is then accompanied by custom orthotics designed just for your feet to correct the problem and diminish your knee pain.

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