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Physiotherapy Works!

Physiotherapy Works!

Promoting Health And Preventing Disease

Bringing your body into a healthy alignment is a unique goal of physiotherapy. A healthy alignment isn’t just about adjustments; it’s about a total healthy strategy. The physiotherapy team at Yonge Street Physiotherapy + Wellness brings under one discipline many natural healing modalities and apply them to your overall lifestyle for healthy living. To us, it’s more than just rehabilitation; physiotherapists help in disease management and disease prevention, and do it all through a comprehensive health and wellness approach.

Health + Wellness

In today’s world there’s a new epidemic surfacing. It’s called the disease of the lifestyle. Today, we are more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases that were relatively uncommon just a few generations ago. For multiple reasons, many of us are not as healthy as our ancestors. Diseases like type-II Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac Disease, and other illnesses are affecting our society, and most agree that the trend has its roots in our increasingly sedentary way of life. Your front line defense against this epidemic is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is more than just checkups, manual therapy, and rehabilitation; it’s about healthy living through a whole life approach.

Preventing Disease

Evidence is mounting that the holistic approach provided by Richmond Hill physiotherapy is an extremely effective intervention for the prevention of chronic disease. The prescribed exercises and educational techniques of physiotherapy offer new hope to people with the disease of the lifestyle. Time and time again, physiotherapy is improving quality of life around the globe, naturally, and it can work for you.

When you decide to take control of your life through working with a physiotherapist, you’ll begin with a thorough evaluation. From there, you and your therapist will develop a program of prescribed exercise, hands on treatment, and a solid base of knowledge and actions in nutrition and physical education. You’ll work to implement these concepts into your lifestyle and create patterns of behavior that create and support a healthy metabolism. You’ll become proactive in your own disease prevention.

Managing Chronic Disease

If you’re facing chronic disease now, physiotherapy offers you more than hope. You’ll get personalized health interventions to enable you to live and maintain a full and energetic lifestyle. The benefits of physiotherapy include improved functionality, cardiac function, methods of posture re-education, gait and spinal realignment, and most importantly improved strength, range of motion and pain management.

Scientific Natural Health

Most people are surprised by the numerous ways physiotherapy can improve health. That’s because physiotherapy is completely based in scientific research and the treatment of millions of patients across the world. Physiotherapy in Richmond Hill will help you bring your body into a healthy balance in a natural way. Your physiotherapist is your partner in helping you live your life to its fullest. When you choose physiotherapy, you’re choosing to care for your optimal health in every aspect of your life, every day. Whether it’s an injury, or you are just looking to enhance your life with optimal health techniques, the physiotherapists at Yonge Street Physiotherapy + Wellness will help you along the path.

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