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Sports Medicine: Reducing Risks And Improving Performance

Sports Medicine: Reducing Risks And Improving Performance

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly applies to the field of sports medicine. And when it comes to applying that ounce of prevention, or maybe getting that pound of cure, physiotherapy is the profession that stands best equipped to deliver. No profession meets the rigors of sports medicine quite like the physiotherapy profession. And no team of physiotherapy professionals is better than the team at Yonge Street Physiotherapy + Wellness
What makes it unique is that it isn’t just treatment of an injury, physiotherapy goes deeper and treats the underlying causes and works to reduce the risk of re-injury as well as working to improve performance.

The fact of sports injury

From the weekend warrior to the pro athlete, anybody who uses their muscles knows that injuries are just part of the game. Pushing your body to its max, whether on purpose or on accident, will cause muscles to seize and freeze. And when you’ve hit the limit, you know it.
The secret to getting the max, and pushing to the next level successfully without injury is recovery. How you let your body recover between workouts is critical to your overall training health.
The body needs time to heal from intensive workout. And when you’re working to increase your fitness you know that you need to continually push the envelope. Any cross trainer will tell you that.  But getting into that next level of stress takes a bit of planning and education, you just can’t push into it and expect that it’ll all work out. That’s where trouble begins.
And that’s where working with a physiotherapy clinic will help you along. When you partner up with qualified physiotherapist you’ll get a full complement of sports medicine to assist your recovery when you’ve over done it, and help you plan out your normal recovery during your routines. Physiotherapy works to let you push it to the next level, safely and effectively.

Treatment of sports injury

When you’ve overdone it, we can help. You can get immediate relief from any stress or strain caused by extensive workouts with a deep tissue massage. We’ll work with your body to get your muscle fibers to realign and get your healing process on track. And we’ll educate you on exercises and routines that will get your tissues soft and supple so they can again start working at their optimum levels.

Preventing sports injury

If you’ve worked through your injury, and want to minimize recurrence, then we can help there too. The key to prevention is keeping the muscle tissue soft and supple. And the best way to do this is with a quality warm-up and cool-down routines. We’ll help design a system that you can use each time you work out. We’ll teach you how to work your body before and after exercise to keep it optimally healthy, and we can also provide you with sport-massage between workouts to further enhance your training.

Keys to preventing sports injury

The keys to preventing sports injury is to understand how your body mechanics works during workout, and how to warm your body up and cool it down when done. When you’re body recovers, it needs the maximum healing available. And that’s what we will help enable. The team at Yonge Street Physiotherapy + Wellness has the experience you need to make your workout and recovery sessions count to the max.

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