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Our Commitment To Privacy

Our Commitment To Privacy

Yonge Street Physiotherapy takes customer privacy seriously. We do not go beyond legal boundaries when handling the personal information you disclose to us, and we are committed to taking every necessary measure to ensure that your information is kept confidential.

We abide by all federal, provincial, and sector-specific privacy laws and will never sell, distribute, or share your personal information except when required by law. This clinic makes privacy its professional duty and we strive to provide the utmost in terms of care and treatment without compromising your personal information.

If you have comments or suggestions regarding our practices, please reach us via our contact page.

To give you a better understanding of the limits to which we handle your personal information, we have created this privacy policy.

Why We Require it

We require you to submit your information in order to provide the quality care and treatment we offer. The information is used to identify patients quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the information you share is available only to staff and personnel who are directly involved in your treatment.

As of now, we do not keep a mailing list or distribute newsletters and we only need your personal information when booking a consultation either via the web or through an actual visit. In case we do decide to send newsletters via email, we can guarantee our compliance with International and Canadian laws in relation to offering you the choice to unsubscribe, safeguarding your information, configuring your email settings, and all other areas which are required under Canadian law.

We do not record your IP address, nor do we require registration online.

What We Do Collect

Because we do not keep email lists for distributing newsletters of any sort, your given email address is only for identification and communication purposes. Whenever you book a consultation through our webpage or a physical visit, we will require you to give us your name, email address, phone number, and the reason for needing treatment. Other than those listed, we require no further personal information unless needed by your physiotherapist in delivering your treatment effectively.

The information you give us is stored in our internal database upon submission. On our webpage, we do not use cookies nor collect any information regarding your usage of our site. We do, however, reserve the right to keep records of email and other correspondence between our clinic and our patients.

Who Sees Your Information

While we promise to keep your information private as best as we can, we still abide by the law and will only disclose your information to the following persons or agencies:

  • Your attending physiotherapist or family doctor; staff members who are directly involved in providing your care
  • Health regulatory agencies
  • Public authorities such as police, but only when required by law
  • Third parties like insurance companies or lawyers, but only when disclosure is mandated by law
  • You, your legal representative, or next of kin. Anyone whom you designate to act on your behalf when you are unable to do so is able to request your personal information.

Aside from the parties listed, no other persons may access your information. Third parties must provide legal evidence of their right to obtain your personal information before we disclose it.

How Your Information is Protected

Aside from physical safeguards like locked doors, windows, and entry ways, we also take steps in securing your information through digital means with passwords and network firewalls as well as administrative safeguards like this privacy policy. While anything can happen, we dedicate ourselves to using the necessary means to secure your information both physically and electronically.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter or update our privacy policy at any time. We only do so when it is necessary, and you may be notified of the changes when we post the updated privacy policy on our website.

Your security is valuable to us. Yonge Street Physiotherapy takes professional efforts in protecting your trust, something that is extremely essential to our success.