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Young man sleeping in his bedroom. Man sleeping with an alarm clock in foreground. A calm man in his bed before waking up in his room. Close up of alarm clock on bedside table.

Go take a nap!

By Rose Bedassie, Wellness Consultant & Health Coach, Thornhill Do you want to really know why it is beneficial to take a nap during the day? Well those 20 minutes of snoozing will bank a positive balance in your sleep account. And rejuvenate you far more than you may know. Although popular advertising and promotion […]

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Life creation

5 Metabolism Myths You Must Know Now!

By Dave Mowat, Clinic Manager, Thornhill & Mississauga A source of confusion for some and a scapegoat for extra weight around the midsection for others, metabolism has long been a topic of hot conversation. Without it, we would lack the energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone burn calories all day […]

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