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What to Expect

What to Expect

At the first appointment our Physiotherapy specialists will be searching for the cause of your immediate pain. Quite often, the underlying issue will be found in a different part of your body, well away from the pain.

Yonge Street Physiotherapy has developed a 6-step approach to achieve the best possible results quickly using our expertise and cutting edge methods.


1. Understanding Your Body

At Yonge Street Physiotherapy + Wellness, we make sure that you understand your condition and the treatment methods being used. Only the latest tools and techniques are used based on the latest research. Open communication between our expert team and you, the patient is essential in order to allow you to take control of your health.
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2. Fast Appointments

In order to provide clients with the fastest pain relief possible our clinic is open 6 days per week and normally appointments are scheduled within 24 hours. The faster you see us, the better the chances are of preventing an acute problem from becoming a chronic one.
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3. Experts In Pain Relief

At Yonge Street Physiotherapy, we are pain relief experts whowill determine the root cause of your problem quickly. We understand that you are in pain and no one deserves to experience pain longer than necessary. Our professionals will conduct an in-depth analysis to find the source of the pain so that we can address it immediately before we address rehabilitative and preventative measures.
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4. Exercise Zone

At Yonge Street Physiotherapy in Richmond Hill, we provide an intensive education program for exercise and cardiometabolic fitness required to help you achieve better fitness or get you back to your pre-injury level of physical ability. Addressing both posture and fitness is an important part of your successful road to recovery.
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5. A Hands On Treatment

Not all therapists are created equal. Our physiotherapists and other health practitioners are professionals that have been accredited in the mobilization of soft tissues. We have also undergone hundreds of hours of professional development in the latest and most effect manual techniques.
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6. State-Of-The-Art Physiotherapy + Chiropractic

Our physiotherapy and chiropractic specialists work in our clean, beautiful and modern facility. You will be able to tell the difference the minute you walk in the door. Only the most up-to-date treatments and equipment are utilized so that you will get better faster and safely. We will fix you!
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If you’re not sure whether Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy or Naturopathic Medicine can help, we welcome you to book a “Free Case Assessment”. You’ll receive a complimentary 15 minute appointment in which you can discuss your case with the expert. They will ask you questions and do some basic testing to get an idea of what your problem is. They will then present you with their initial diagnosis and give you a basic idea of what your problem is and whether it’s worth it for you to book a comprehensive assessment or they will make alternative suggestions.

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